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The actor's body is a vessel that shapes your art.
It is not an object. 
Respect it.
Love it. 
Own it. 

What I bring to you

Most of my workshops are custom designed for that batch intake, when I work with you even in a group, I ensure that your takeaway and practice is unique to you and your requirement. There is a breadth of modules that are offered and each has a very specific intent for the actor. 

These include workshops which involve intimacy related work and acting practice work where I bring on board key specialists for intensive workshops. 

I organise custom classes for educational institutions, where the modules may involve a prolonged engagement. These engagements last from between 6 to 12 weeks and are designed to add to the curriculum offered by your institutes.

The hope is that more and more educational institutes will start to acknowledge intimacy work as an integral part of the actor's curriculum. 

I have trained in all aspects of intimacy co-ordination and am well equipped to work through the process of shooting with actors. I am a level away from my certification.

My process is built on a strong foundation of my experiences as an actor, producer and movement practitioner!

I also take private sessions that are designed specific to your requirements. To know more about these sessions, you can book a free 15 minute call to understand your needs and how I can help you.

Why Intimacy?

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Intimacy is something that culturally as Indians we have grown up conflicted about. How often was absolute privacy a thing of value in our homes? How often did we truly feel that we didn't need to be validated by an authority figure, our parents, our friends, guardian adults, mentors and lately even social media. 

This is the reason why sometimes we feel disconnected with our own bodies. And for actor's, this connection is empowering. Which is why I work with Self Intimacy.

Self Intimacy is when you are aware of and in sync with your body's needs, wants, reactions, responses and stillness. From this awareness, how do you them move to allowance and then acceptance. 

It can be a great asset to our craft and our engagement with a character. With simulated sex scenes, aggressive physical touch, nudity, instant physical connections - all becoming a part of our everyday jobs, it is important that we learn to respect our boundaries and also create a safe for the actors and creators we work with. 


Most of all, we must ensure that we are treating our body and our agency with utmost respect. 

This is a journey, you and I can take together. 

Actor's Practice Design

I have always believed that an actor's work cannot be shrunk down to one specific method or approach, it stands on the firm foundation of practice. 

Your energy, stamina, your ability to perform under pressure, to work with different directors and newer impulses, all rests on how solid your acting practice is.


Your acting practice must cover 8 critical aspects on a daily basis:

  • Voice & Breath 

  • Text & Diction

  • External Influences

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Physicals

  • Movement

  • Rhythm & Pace 

  • Response recognition 

In addition to this, an understanding of some of the technical aspects of being in front of the camera. What works for you most when facing the camera. In my experience, most acting training is embedded in live performance practices, but to be able to take that to camera, you need to be ready for when you get that 30 day shoot schedule where you will be working for 12 hours a day! 

This is why in addition to intimacy workshops, I have created modules for actors that are aimed at designing your personal practice. The sole focus of the modules under Acting Practice Design are to help you stay ready for screen or stage.

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