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Neha (She/They)

Primarily working as an performance artist, I also dabble in poetry, writing and producing.

I love telling stories that break conventions around gender, sexuality and caste stereotypes. Stories that challenge our conditioning with warmth are the ones that find most space in my heart. 

As an artist, I aspire to reach out to as many audiences as possible and share my voice through my work. 

Personally, I identify myself as a sex positive, body positive, intersectional feminist. My pronouns are She/her/hers. 

I have always loved the stage, but for many reasons it was always more like a torrid affair that I was having outside of my work as a digital marketer. It was in 2017 August that I finally quit for good and decided to follow my love for arts. I have since, donned many hats. 

I have trained for and performed Shakespeare's works in Prague, I have travelled as a clown with Clowns without Borders (India, Sweden & UK) in Maharashtra and Bangladesh. I trained as an actor with some of the best mentors in India - Daminee Benny Basu, Rupesh Tillu, Glenn Hayden, Neeraj Kabi, and Vinay Verma. 

I took every opportunity I had at learning and performing and creating. I am an actor, poet, writer and producer. It was about two years ago that I discovered the craft of self intimacy. It started with a film that had a fair amount of simulated sex and I felt at a loss. I was with team I knew, and yet I didn't know how to set my boundaries, my co-actor was a friend but I didn't know how to say no for something I wasn't willing to do or explore, and mostly I was immensely conscious of my body. 

The nerd that I am, I started with a small introduction that I had with intimacy choreography in one of my ensemble members at the Prague Shakespeare Company. I started googling and researching and digging in on how I could create a practice for myself that allowed me to deliver to the director's aesthetic for a scene involving physical touch or emotional intimacy. In the process of training myself, I discovered that I could share this with other actors. I started with smaller projects and have now been able to work with bigger commercial projects. I am also training to be an intimacy co-ordinator with IDC, USA. 


As an actor, I always felt the need to be prepared for anything that was thrown at me, and I trained for it all. It was somewhere at a set I realised, no one really prepares you for intimacy on set or stage like like they do for action scenes or dance choreographies.

So I created a process and with help from my mentors and some international training, I am now sharing it with my peers. 


My process for actors is self designed, keeping in mind the cultural context we live with, the actor's craft and my personal experiences and practice. 

My Training


  • IDC, USA

  • IPA, USA

  • Intimacy on Stage & Screen

  • Share The Load Inc. 

  • Ongoing

Intimacy Directors & Coordinators (IDC)

Level 3 complete

Intimacy Across Borders
Your Relationship to Yes & No


Intimacy Professionals Association

Introduction to Gender, Sex & Sexuality

Intimacy for Actors


Intimacy for Stage & Screen

Intimacy for Young Actors Choreographing Childbirth Scenes

Intimacy with Minors


Share the Load Inc.
Saying No + Non Verbal Consent Communications

Consent & Boundaries 6 week course


Ongoing Trainings and Self Study

Trauma Informed Care (Buffalo University)

Mental Health Ambassador

Anti Racism

Bystander Intervention


Caste in India

Colonial Influence on Indian Culture

Social Interactions post the pandemic


  • The Eric Morris System

  • Clowning

  • Shakespeare

  • Movement

The Actor in a Play CPA Scholarship (2019)

Eric Morris System with The Class Act Commune (2018 onwards)
Stage Milk Membership Ongoing Practice (2018 Onwards)

Rupesh Tillu for Clowning (2018 Onwards)

Prague Shakespeare Company Summer Intensive (2018)

Neeraj Kabi's workshop (2017)

Vinay Verma (2008 Hyderabad)

Ongoing Training and Self Study


Kristin Linklater for Voice

Wim Hoff for Breath

Contemporary Dance & Movement Practice

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